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“Thank you so much for getting back to me.  I wasn't able to pick up the order from the post office as it was too late when I got your message and it was closed.  Thank you so much for realizing that I wouldn't get the item 2nd day UPS anyway and for not "wasting" my money by sending it that way.

I realize I was a little behind in ordering the bears for Sat - but I had to try.  I really wanted the guardian angel bears for my daughters 1st bday party - she has two brothers in Heaven and on Monday i decided that it would be neat for her to get a gift for them - it just took me a while to find the perfect gift!  She won't know if she gets them a few days late.
I have about 25 holy bears that I have been collecting - however has stopped as I can't find astore in the area that sells them anymore.  I was so excited to see the "perfect gift" was a holy bear guardian angel.

Anyway - thanks for making them and helping to spread the Word of what a great God we have.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well!”

“I received them today. We give them to the newly baptized little ones, and have several baptism ceremonies coming up. They are always a hit.  Many thanks for the quick shipping too!”

“Thanks for giving me two additional bears - I love these little bears for gifts!  Please ship me two more Guardian Angel Bears.  Thanks again.”

“My daughter received a HolyCow bear at a baby shower before my grandson was born.  After he was born, my daughter placed the bear in the crib with him.  He eventually picked the bear up and has literally not put it down since.  He is now 2 1/2.  We have issues when he forgets to bring the bear to day care or to my house when he visits.  I found the web site for your bears and that is when I ordered him 2 more to help keep peace and help him sleep when he forgets it at home!  Thank you for getting the other out to me.  He will be so surprised on Christmas day!”
“Thank you!  We will be ordering these regularly from now on.”
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